Carolina Beach is known for excellent fishing options year-round. However, fall can be a great choice for anglers to avoid the crowds and enjoy the comfortable temperatures. 

Offshore charters are always a good way to spend the day, but inshore fishing tends to become more active in fall. The location of Carolina Beach between the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Fear River and coastal estuaries makes it easy to find a good spot to cast a line. Whether fishing in the surf, on a pier or in a watercraft, you are sure to hook any number of species at this time of year - including amberjack, blackfin tuna, king mackerel, trout, snappers, redfish and bass.

You will need a Coastal Recreational Fishing License to fish in the surf or estuaries of  Carolina Beach. For non-residents, fees will range from $11 for a 10-day license to $32 for an annual license. 

Where to Fish on Carolina Beach

Shore Fishing

Head to Carolina Beach State Park, where the waters are jumping in fall with king mackerel, bluefish, croaker and flounder. The northeast end of the park at Snow’s Cut is a particularly good spot. Further north at River Road Park, you will find bass and bluegill in the stocked pond, as well as great spots along the Cape Fear River.

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a popular and accessible way to enjoy the sport in this area. Drive to the north end of Carolina Beach to Freeman Park or head south to Fort Fisher State Recreation Area. Both areas allow vehicles on the beach with a paid pass.

The Dry Dock Inn is also located a few blocks from Carolina Beach, where you can pick your spot from miles of shore. Walk out the door and into the surf in five minutes.

Pier Fishing

Enjoy the fun atmosphere of Carolina Beach Pier, where you can order a refreshment at the tiki bar or grab a bite to eat. Kure Pier has a family-friendly environment, but it is also known for night fishing. Both locations may require a fee to access the pier, which will include the fishing license fee.

For a more secluded spot, head north to Trails End Park to try your luck on the estuary at a favorite local pier.

Dry Dock Inn is centrally located to all of the best fishing spots on Carolina Beach. Grab your gear and book one of our rooms today!